Tektronix P6245 Limited accessories

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The P6245 Active FET probe achieves high-speed signal acquisition by solving three traditional problems:

  • Lower DUT loading (≤1 pF/1 MΩ probe loading)
  • Direct and easy access to SMDs
  • Access DUT signals and scope bandwidth for TDS600 / 700 / 3000 / 5000 / 6000 / 7000 and CSA7000 scopes up to 1 GHz bandwidths

The P6245 and P6243 Active probes provide the electrical and mechanical performance required for the digital systems designs of today. No additional power supplies or cables are required when used with TEKPROBE BNC oscilloscopes. Both the P6245 and P6243 achieve high-speed signal acquisition and low circuit loading, required for solving problems faced by designers today.

The small compact probe head and versatile attachment accessories allow direct connection to the device under test.

The P6245 and P6243 Active Probes provide scope bandwidth at the probe tip for the TDS500/600/700; the P6243 provides scope bandwidth at the probe tip for the TDS3000 Series scope up to 1 GHz bandwidth.

  • ≥1.5 GHz Bandwidth (probe only)
  • 1.3 m cable length 
  • ±15 V maximum voltage (nondestruct) (DC+PkAC)
  • ≤1 pF Input Capacitance
  • 1 MΩ Input Resistance
  • <250 ps rise time
  • ±8 V linear dynamic range 
  • 10 V DC offset range
  •  5.3 ns propagation delay  
  • Direct Access to SMDs as Small as 0.5 mm Pitch
  • Measures CMOS, BiCMOS, ECL, GaAs and TTL Logic
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