Keysight N4850A option 010

DigRF v3 Digital Acquisition Probe

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The N4850A digital acquisition probe and N4860A digital stimulus probe operate in conjunction with 16800 and 16900 Series logic analyzers. The probes provide digital acquisition and serial stimulus capabilities required for DigRF v3 based IC evaluation and integration.

State Analysis for DigRF v3-Compliant Devices

   Maximum acquisition speed: 312 Mbps

   Voltage level support: 1.8 V LVDS, 1.2 V LVDS, SLVDS

   SysClk speed support: 19.2 MHz, 26.0 MHz, 38.4 MHz

   Over air standard support: 2.5G and 3GPP (e.g. GSM, EDGE, CDMA, CDMA-2k, W-CDMA)

Monitor Device and System Operation

   Simultaneously acquires Tx/Rx bidirectional traffic

   Tracks changes across all speed modes – sleep, low power and high speed

   Displays data and control packets at the protocol level

   Triggers on protocol-specific packets, specific bits within a packet, and protocol violations

Additional Capabilities

   LEDs show DigRF v3 bus status and error conditions

   Identifies invalid sync words

   Supports up to 2048 bits for user-defined payload

   Extracts and transfers digital IQ for analysis with 89600B VSA Software

Configuration Considerations

   Requires 16800 or 16900 Series logic analyzer with 68-channels or more

   High impedance probing for signal integrity E5381A

   For stimulus, add a pattern generator and N4860A DigRF v3 Digital Stimulus Probe

   Customize DigRF v3 protocol decoding with Protocol Development Kit