Hioki PW3198 9661*3,9660*3,9694*3,C1001,PW9000,9448,L1000

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FCA Tokyo Japan
  • Detect power supply problems and perform onsite troubleshooting
  • Perform preventative maintenance to avert accidents by managing the power quality
  • Verify power problems in accordance with the IEC61000-4-30 Class A standard
  • High Accuracy and continuous gapless recording (V:±0.1% of nominal voltage, A and W:±0.2% rdg ±0.1% f.s.)
  • Measure all parameters at the same time
  • CAT IV 600V - safe enough for incoming power lines
  • Broadband voltage range lets you measure even high-order harmonic components of up to 80 kHz
  • Wide dynamic range from low voltages up to 1300V (3P4W line-to-line voltage)
  • Maximum 6000V transient overvoltage up to 700kHz
  • LAN, USB and SD card interfaces
  • Optional GPS BOX for synchronizing multiple devices
  • Easy setup function with presets: Select the measurement course, wiring, and clamps; Automatic one-step setup based on measurement conditions
Input Channels  Single-phase 2-wire, Single-phase 3-wire, Three-phase 3-wire or Three-phase 4-wire plus one extra input channel  
Instrument Type  Handheld  
Interfaces  RS-232, Screen, Software, USB, Wireless, LAN  
Operation Modes  Power quality recorder & analyzer, report creation, event recorder, time plot data recorder, CSV convertor, remote measurement  
Measurements  Voltage, current, power (active/apparent/reactive), PF, TRMS, frequency, harmonic (includes high-order), inrush current, transient overvoltage, event, swell/dip/interruption, waveform peak, active/reactive energy, flicker, phase angle, K factor  
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