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Digital Broadcast Signal Analyer

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Anritsu MS8901A

Digital Broadcast Signal Analyzer, 9 kHz to 3 GHz

MS8901A Digital Broadcast Signal Analyzer analyzes the signals very accurately, in the various kinds of fields like development and manufacturing field or maintenance field to manage service area or transmission station. MS8901A is equipped with spectrum analyzer of highly dynamic-range. This analyzer is realized to analyze broad band vector signal, by using the frequency converter with superior SSB phase noise characteristic, in conjunction with frequency characteristic. Up to three signal analyzing software can be installed into the platform, which can analyze the digital terrestrial broadcasting signals.

Basic Performance

  • SSB Phase Noise Characteristics of High Purity

MS8901A uses the synthesizer, of which SSB phase noise characteristic is -95 dBc/Hz (1 kHz offset typ.) and -108 dBc/Hz (10 kHz offset) as local signal source. The performance of the frequency converter, which is an important component for the signal analysis of the digital broadcasting, is highly improved.

  • IF-stage SAW Filter

To assure high channel selectivity for field measurement, the MS8901A has a SAW filter at the IF processing stage. The combination of SAW filter and digital filter at the DSP stage offers greatly improved selectivity.

  • High-performance Spectrum Analyzer

MS8901A includes the spectrum analyzer as standard equipment. This analyzer features various display screens and major functions, which enables to measure frequency counter, occupied bandwidth, and channel power.

  • Dynamic Range

When analyzing the digital broadcasting signal, lower level of noise floor characteristic is required for the nonlinear components like mixer or preamplifier used for the frequency converter.
The frequency converter included within MS8901A is equipped with spectrum analyzer and vector signal analyzer, both of which is highly dynamic range.
Together with this, this frequency converter compresses 1 dB gain within +3 dBm and includes -148 dBm/Hz floor noise (-163 dBm/Hz at preamplifier).

  • High-level DSP Technology

The MS8901A uses high-performance digital signal processing functions with a 14 bit A/D converter to assure superior analog front-end performance.

  • Speeds-up System and Device Production Lines

The fast, 20-times-a-second refresh rate of the spectrum analyzer plus 120 bps GPIB interface supports faster measurement with higher production efficiency on system and device production lines.

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