Anritsu MS4630B option 10

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The MS4630B is suitable for electronics production lines demanding fast and accurate device measurements. It is particularly well suited to accurate, high-speed evaluation of IF filter resonance and group delay characteristics, as well as evaluating the impedance characteristics of resonators in AV equipment and PCs.

A fast sweep speed of 150 µs/point is achieved using a high-speed synthesizer and digital signal processing (DSP) technologies. The post-processing data analysis functions have been strengthened with improved data processing macros that greatly increase the total production throughput.

In comparison to the earlier MS3401A/B and MS3606B network analyzers, the sweep speed is three times faster and the group delay measurement accuracy and stability have been improved by more than 10 times. In addition, the dynamic range has been improved to 120 dB (RBW: 1 kHz) while the weight of the analyzer has been dramatically reduced. Compatibility has been maintained between PTA and GPIB software commands, maintaining any current investment in PTA software.

  • High speed evaluation of devices such as IF filters and resonators
  • High speed production/inspection capacity
Instrument Type  Vector  
Low end frequency limit  10.00 Hz 
High end frequency limit  300.00 MHz 
Output Power Range  120 dB (RBW: 1 kHz)  
Input Noise Level  <=120 dBm (RBW: 1 kHz, 1 to 300 MHz), =–110 dBm (RBW: 1 kHz, 80 kHz to 1 MHz)  
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